Next Free Webinar: January 20 at Noon

Mindfulness: A New Frontier in Healthy Aging
by: Robin R. Whitebird, PhD, MSW, LISW, Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas/ St. Catherine University

This webinar will explore the use of mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in aging and health. It will look at the current research and use experiential exercises to explore the area of mindfulness.

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Past Webinar: November 19th

How to Better Serve LGB and T Older Adults
by Marsha Berry, MEd, Board Member and trainer for Training to Serve

We all hope to be welcome when we walk through the door for health care, housing or community services, yet we know LGBT older adults fear, and sometimes receive, poor service and abuse when looking for help. This webinar will offer perspectives, skills and resources to support you as you interact with LGB and T older adults.

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Past Webinar: June 24, 2015 at noon

Safety vs. Self Determination: Decisions Made While Leaving the Hospital
with Charissa Eaton, PhD, Winona State University
This webinar will explore:

  • the ethical dilemma of safety vs. self determination that can arise when older adults are making decisions about their needs upon leaving the hospital, and
  • the impact of the medical model on the professionals who are working with these older adults to make discharge plans and implement them.


Past Webinar: May 21, 2015

The Future of Family Caregiving – May 21, 2015

by: Joseph E. Gaugler, PhD, Associate Professor and McKnight Presidential Fellow, School of Nursing and Center on Aging, University of Minnesota

This webinar discusses how socio-demographic, health, economic, and policy trends may influence how family care is provided to older adults in need in the United States, as well as potential solutions.

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