PAST WEBINAR – April 10, 2014

Age and the Workforce: A New Perspective

By: LaRhae Knatterud, MAPA, Lead for the Aging 2030 Initiative, Aging & Adult Services, DHS

The leading edge of boomers is right at the age when they are trying to decide if they want to retire, or if they can retire.

PAST WEBINAR – March 20, 2014

The Answer to Quality in Nursing Homes: Culture Change

MGS Webinar – Culture Change PDF Download

Culture change” is the common name given to the national movement for the transformation of older adult services, based on person-directed values and practices where the voices of elders and those working with them are considered and respected. Core person-directed values are choice, dignity, respect, self-determination and purposeful living. Read more

PAST WEBINAR – Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Vulnerable Adult Justice Project: A Collaborative Approach to Elder Justice in Minnesota

The Vulnerable Adult Justice Project (VAJP) is a unique, statewide advocacy collaborative which was founded in 2007 and administratively housed at William Mitchell College of Law. VAJP works to protect Minnesota’s most vulnerable citizens from maltreatment (abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation).  Read more