Outstanding Gerontologist Award

Dutch Kastenbaum Outstanding Gerontologist Award
The Minnesota Gerontological Society established the Outstanding Gerontologist Award in 1984 to recognize individuals who have contributed to lives of older persons throughout Minnesota. Contributions can be made to the field of aging through practice, research, or academics. In 1998 the award was renamed the Dutch Kastenbaum Award to honor Abraham “Dutch” Kastenbaum.  Kastenbaum was trained as a social worker, and was a champion in beginning service programs for older people. He later became a celebrity with his weekly television show, Senior Citizen’s Forum, which ran for almost 25 years. To honor his memory, the Minnesota Gerontological Society receives nominations each year to recognize outstanding gerontologists.

Nominations for the 2017 award may only be submitted by current MGS members and are due by February 21, 2017.  The award will be presented at the April 28th Annual Conference.

Announcing the 2016 Gerontologist of the Year!

Olivia Mastry, JD, MPH, Founder, Collective Action Lab—ACT on Alzheimer’s

Oiliva Mastry 2016Olivia Mastry’s work in creating the ACT on Alzheimer’s program is nothing short of sensational. Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States and the largest public health crisis of our time. Olivia lead this transformative statewide initiative, launched in 2011, to help Minnesota prepare for the huge increase of people diagnosed and living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias projected for 2025. She has recruited and organized professionals and lay people from multiple organizations to create the most progressive and effective program to support care for persons with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias in the State of Minnesota. ACT on Alzheimer’s is in the national spotlight as a leader of programming for replication in other states.

Olivia’s organization, The Collective Action Lab, also has supported or is supporting other large scale, social change initiatives related to aging, including LeadingAge Pathways (LTC financing reform Silos to Circles (aging in rural communities) and Dementia Friendly America (national replication of ACT on Alzheimer’s).  See, www.collectiveactionlab.com.


Past Award Winners

  • 2015: Jean K. Wood and Jim Tift
  • 2014: Elaine Carlson
  • 2013: Dawn Simonson
  • 2012: Edward Ratner
  • 2011: Phyllis Greenberg
  • 2010: Hal Freshley
  • 2009: Gayle Kvenvold
  • 2008: Janet Hively
  • 2007: Maddy Forsberg
  • 2006: Jeanette Metz
  • 2005: Marion Goepner
  • 2004: Maria R. Gomez
  • 2003: Robert and Rosalie Kane
  • 2002: John Selstad
  • 2001: Warren Wolfe
  • 2000: Larhae Knatterud
  • 1999: Pamela Parker
  • 1998: Ken Hepburn
  • 1997: Janet Woodhull and Iris Freeman
  • 1996: Gerald Bloedow
  • 1995: Abraham Kastenbaum
  • 1994: Muriel Ryden
  • 1993: Donna Walberg and Steven Miles
  • 1992: Donald McTavish and David Knopmaan
  • 1991: Doug Hanneman
  • 1990: Nancy N. Eustis
  • 1989: Elva Walker
  • 1988: Raye Kreevoy and Cynthia Polich
  • 1985: Grace Warfield and Norm Bourestom
  • 1984: Etta Saloshin