2017 Conference Handouts

Background Reading – All are encouraged to read this concise 4 page overview before the attending the conference:

Conference Booklet and Agenda: are linked below for you to preview. Do not print. Everyone will receive a printed booklet with agenda at check-in.
MGS Conference Booklet – 12 pages       MGS Conference Agenda – 2 pages

Session Handouts: You may either download and print the handouts prior to the conference or access them on your device during each session. All handouts are in two slide per page format.
Printed handouts will be distributed at each session for those who requested them when registering.

8:15 – 9:15 Morning Keynote
The Longevity Economy – Jody Holtzman

Morning Keynote Handout – Longevity Economy – Holtzman

9:30-10:45 Sessions
A1: Applying Design Thinking in Health Care – Cristin Moran & Heather Webb, 3M
A1 – Handouts – Design Thinking – 3M

B1: Directing the Force – Kari Benson & Connie Ireland
B1 – Handout – Directing Workforce – Benson
B1 – Handout – Directing Workforce – Ireland

C1: Business and Human Service Ethics – Charissa Eaton & Greg Eaton
C1 – Handout – Ethics – Eaton

D1: Business Intersections with Aging – LaRhae Knatterud
D1 – Handout -Business Intersection with Aging – Knatterud

E1: The MGS Network in Action: Speed Questions Workshop
No handouts

11:15-12:30 Sessions

A2: Tipping Point on Telemedicine – John Goodman
A2 – Handout -Telemedicine – Goodman

B2: Workforce Forces – Chris Farrell & Mary Jo Schifsky
B2 – Handout – Workforce – Farrell-Schifsky

C2: Elder Law Panel – Marit Peterson, Laurie Hanson & Ron Elwood
C2 – Handout – Elder Law Panel – Peterson
C2 – Handout – Elder Law Panel – Hanson
C2 – Handout- Elder Law Panel – Elwood

D2: Creating Home: Evolution of Aging Environments – Susan Farr & Kurt Apfelbacher
No handouts

E2: Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit – Joel Theisen & Jennifer Anderson
E2 – Handout – Unleashing Entrepreneurial Spirit – Anderson-Theisen

2:15-3:30 Afternoon General Session
The Economics of Aging: Business and Personal – Chris Farrell
Afternoon Keynote – Handout – Economics of Aging – Farrell