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A Backup Plan for Solo Seniors: Health Care Decision Making for People Aging Alone

By: Linda J. Camp, MPS, Owner, Turning Point Consulting

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Talking about the last life chapters isn’t easy for anyone, but it is especially difficult for “solos;” older adults who lack the traditional family support structure.  When crafting wills, trusts, Powers of Attorney and Advance Care Directives, members of this group struggle with who to designate as a surrogate. Solos “with capacity,” are a largely invisible but growing group.  Come hear about and discuss the foundational work on this issue that is underway in Minnesota.


  1. Gain awareness and understanding of the diverse personal circumstances and diverse perspectives of solo older adults;
  2. Explore the unique issues, needs, gaps, and barriers faced by solos in planning for late-life;
  3. Learn about replicable work in Minnesota directed toward implementing practical solutions for solos;
  4. Discuss opportunities to contribute to current research.

Linda J. Camp, MPS, Owner, Turning Point Consulting

Linda’s consulting work has focused on strategic planning, program evaluation, systems analysis, and change management for non-profits and local government.  Linda has held adjunct appointments with Cardinal Stritch University, Concordia University, and University of Phoenix Online teaching courses in management, leadership, organizational development, and communications.

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Elder Orphans Hiding in Plain Sight_ A Growing Vulnerable Population

Elder Orphans Hiding in Plain Sight_ A Growing Vulnerable Population _ Table 1

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Growing Older with a Smile:  Promoting Oral Health for Older Adults

By: Steve Shuman, DDS, MS, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry | Co-sponsored by Oral Health America

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America’s population is rapidly aging with more natural teeth and higher expectations of maintaining oral health than ever before.  The growing recognition of the impact of oral health on overall health now makes access to dental care even more critical.  This webinar will review key oral health concerns for older adults, connections between oral and systemic health, and potential barriers to dental care for older adults, as well as resources to address them.


  1. Describe key oral health problems and trends in our aging population.
  2. Recognize and appreciate the close interrelationship between oral and overall health in older adults.
  3. Discuss special concerns and barriers to care for the older population and potential strategies to address them.
  4. Identify effective models and resources available for the inter-professional team to help improve oral health for older adults.

Steve Shuman, DDS, MS, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry

Dr. Shuman is the Director of Oral Health Services for Older Adults Program, and the Director of Graduate Education/Studies for the MS-Dentistry Program in the UMN Graduate School.  He serves as Dental Director for the Walker Methodist Dental Clinic where he teaches geriatrics and maintains his clinical practice.  Dr. Shuman’s teaching and clinical programs received the American Dental Association’s national Geriatric Oral Health Award and the 2016 Innovation Award from LeadingAge.

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