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Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges of Hospice Delivery in Diverse Sites

By: Lores Vlaminck, Principal, MA, BSN, RN, CHPN

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Despite the fact the Medicare hospice benefit has been available since 1984, there continues to be lack of awareness of the comprehensive nature of coverage available to those individuals that are eligible.  Plan to join this learning session that will briefly review the hospice benefit and then explore the opportunities and challenges in providing hospice care and services wherever the patient calls ‘home.’


  1. Describe the Medicare Hospice Benefit as the foundational basis
  2. Identify the regulations, required services and reimbursement structure
  3. Recognize and appreciate the opportunities and challenges inherent in the unique venues of care

Lores Vlaminck, Principal, MA, BSN, RN, CHPN | Lores Consulting, LLC, Rochester, MN


Lores Vlaminck is a nurse consultant specializing in education and mentoring for staff providing services in hospice, palliative, home care and assisted living. Lores’ 40+ years of experience in clinical practice spans intensive care, outpatient services, and 19 years as the founder and director of a Medicare certified home care and hospice agency. For the past 13 years Lores has provided consulting services through Lores Consulting, LLC.

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Hearing Loss Matters (AKA, Hear for the Health of It!)

By: Mary Bauer, Hearing Specialist at Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, Minnesota Department of Human Services

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Age-related hearing loss affects most of us: in our work with seniors, with family members and friends, and personally.  This webinar features recent research from John Hopkins that addresses the alarming consequences of untreated age-related hearing loss in seniors; including how it impacts their health, finances, relationships and safety.

Learn about the importance of early intervention, identify effective steps to take to address hearing loss, and discover ways to strengthen community supports through technology, effective communication strategies and best practice policies.

Implementing some or all of the strategies identified in this presentation will help improve the quality of life for seniors with hearing loss and help them become more engaged in their communities.


  1. Acquire an increased awareness to the growing number of adults and seniors with hearing loss.
  2. Learn a minimum of 3 negative consequences of untreated hearing loss in seniors.
  3. Identify 3 effective communication strategies to use when communicating with a senior with hearing loss.
  4. Learn about both low cost and no cost solutions that can enhance and improve communication during 1:1 conversations and in smaller and larger group settings.

Mary Bauer, Hearing Specialist at Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, Minnesota Department of Human Services


Mary Bauer provides consultation, information & referral, technical assistance, and training regarding issues related to hearing loss.  Mary is well-known for her presentations and includes her own experiences as a person who is hard of hearing.  Mary has a double major form Augustana College in Elementary Education and Deaf Education and has worked with deaf and hard of hearing persons and their families since 1980.