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Love of Car:  Transportation as We Age

Have you ever asked yourself how long you will be able to drive and what strategies you can use to lengthen your driving years? Are you experiencing age-related changes in your vision, reaction time or other skills leading you to wonder whether you should still be driving? Are you worried about facing that decision because of the way it may impact your participation in the community? To address those concerns, the Minnesota Gerontological Society (MGS) has co-produced a documentary with Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) and a number of other sponsoring partners. The 1-hour TV documentary has recently been released on DVD. Target audiences include mature drivers and their families, as well as professionals working with seniors and interested in educating them about safe community mobility issues.   The DVD is divided into chapters so that the documentary can be viewed either in its entirety or in thematic segments.

Love of Car Streaming Video

You may use this video for your own information or show it to others for educational purposes. You can find additional resources and links related to the show following the video below.

"Please wait a minute or two before viewing to allow the documentary to fully upload, to insure smooth playback".

DVD of Program:  Love of Car; Transportation as We Age
This DVD includes the whole program plus a chaptered version which allows you to stop and discuss specific topics.  Copies of the DVD are available without cost to Minnesota organizations and residents while supply lasts. 

Download form to mail in request with your check.

Use on-line form and payment process here.

(Out-of-state requests will be honored with a contribution of $10 to MGS per DVD,   or visit the NCST website to receive a free copy)

Love of Car:  Transportation as We Age MGS Discussion Guide and Resources

Download pdf here

Additional Resources from Partners

Older Drivers in Minnesota – Power Point from MN DOT
Download here (large file)

Transit Services in Minnesota – Maintain Mobility – Take the Bus or Train
Download here

Resources from National Center for Senior Transportation
Download here

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