Outstanding Gerontologist Award

Dutch Kastenbaum Outstanding Gerontologist Award
The Minnesota Gerontological Society established the Outstanding Gerontologist Award in 1984 to recognize individuals who have contributed to lives of older persons throughout Minnesota. Contributions can be made to the field of aging through practice, research, or academics. In 1998 the award was renamed the Dutch Kastenbaum Award to honor Abraham “Dutch” Kastenbaum.  Kastenbaum was trained as a social worker, and was a champion in beginning service programs for older people. He later became a celebrity with his weekly television show, Senior Citizen’s Forum, which ran for almost 25 years. To honor his memory, the Minnesota Gerontological Society receives nominations each year to recognize outstanding gerontologists.

Nominations for 2021 Gerontologist of the Year Award NOW OPEN – deadline March 5, 2021

2020 Gerontologist of the Year:

John E. Brose, PhD, LP, LADC, LMFT
Founder, Owner, CEO, Associated Clinic of Psychology

Under Dr, Brose’s leadership and guidance, ACP is nationally recognized for its expertise in working with older adults, utilizing evidence-based geriatric assessments, diagnosis, psychotherapy, and psychiatric services.  Dr. Brose leads ACP’s unique geriatric team of 50 geriatric mental health therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, to provide behavioral health care and neuropsychological assessments for geriatric clients. He also leads the team in staff consultation, educational workshops, and in-service training for staff and caregivers on topics such as aging, dementia, and mental-health disorders experienced by older adults. Additionally, older adult clients and their care partners are seen for therapy and medication in the six ACP outpatient clinics in the Twin Cities metro area.

Dr. Brose has predominantly focused on the interaction between medical and psychological issues, consistently expanding the understanding of the aging experience and improving systems that service older adults. He is a pioneer in bringing behavioral health consulting specialties to residential care facilities that would otherwise not have access. His compassion, creativity, and leadership have considerably expanded available services and improved the lives of older adults in Minnesota and across the country. Dr. Brose alone has had approximately 55,000 patient contacts with older adults during his 40 year career. In addition, the Geriatric Team at ACP has had approximately 200,000 patient contacts in just the past two years. ​Dr. Brose is also vital in providing ongoing education and support to the providers and facility staff, whose care many older adults depend on.

Dr. Brose takes an active role in training and mentoring the clinicians on his geriatric team throughout their careers. He is always available to support his team members as they learn, and he inspires those around him to strive for excellence in geriatrics. Dr. Brose is highly respected and very appreciated by his team for his expertise, kindness, and commitment to older adults.

In addition to his full-time clinical work, Dr. Brose is also a leading national authority on aging and behavioral health issues. He has made it a priority to train staff within key organizations that influence and shape health care policy, including staff at the Department of Human Services, Office of the Ombudsman for Long Term Care, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. Dr. Brose also serves on the behavioral health advisory committees for Medica/Optum, Blue Cross Blue Shield, HealthPartners, and UCare.

In summary, Dr. John Brose exemplifies the core components of excellence that embody the spirit of the Dutch Kastenbaum Outstanding Gerontologist Award through his ongoing commitment and decades long dedication to pushing the envelope on all levels for better support, care, and treatment in the geriatric field.


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