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Past Free Webinar – January 16,2017

Supportive Decision Making – An Emerging Alternative to Guardianship

By: Anita Raymond, MSW

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When working with people with cognitive, psychiatric, or intellectual disabilities, we often turn to guardianship to address risk and vulnerability. But is this an overly restrictive tool? This webinar will discuss Supported Decision Making, an emerging paradigm for vulnerable populations and a person-centered model addressing safety concerns while protecting the dignity of persons at risk. Based on an Elder Justice Grant initiated in 2016, Volunteers of America has launched the Center for Excellence in Supported Decision Making to reduce unnecessary guardianships at the individual and systems level.

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Past Free Webinar – October 17, 2017

Hearing Loss Matters (AKA, Hear for the Health of It!)

By: Mary Bauer, Hearing Specialist at Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, Minnesota Department of Human Services

Handout – Hearing Loss Matters

Age-related hearing loss affects most of us: in our work with seniors, with family members and friends, and personally.  This webinar features recent research from John Hopkins that addresses the alarming consequences of untreated age-related hearing loss in seniors; including how it impacts their health, finances, relationships and safety.

Learn about the importance of early intervention, identify effective steps to take to address hearing loss, and discover ways to strengthen community supports through technology, effective communication strategies and best practice policies.

Implementing some or all of the strategies identified in this presentation will help improve the quality of life for seniors with hearing loss and help them become more engaged in their communities.

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