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Next Free Webcast – Telemedicine for Physical and Mental Health: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic – June 11 at Noon

By: Roberta Meyers, MD, Hennepin Healthcare; and
John E. Brose, PhD, LP, LADC, LMFT, Founder, CEO, Associated Clinic of Psychology

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In March 2020, the Centers for Medicare, and Medicaid Services (CMS) removed regulatory barriers to the provision of telehealth services in skilled nursing facilities for the duration of  the COVID-19 pandemic.  The purpose was to facilitate access to care for these patients as nursing facilities “locked down” to limit potential exposure to the coronavirus. Dr. Meyers will share her experiences during the rapid ramp-up to provide these new services including how it became an opportunity  to understand the pros and cons of telehealth to deliver primary care in nursing facility settings.

Many older adults in residential care feel trapped because they hear the tragic stories about COVID-19 in long term care facilities. Never has mental healthcare been so vital for residents,  yet the bias that psychotherapy isn’t an essential component of health care has increased during the pandemic. Dr. Brose will describe how the psychologists and psychiatrists at Associated Clinic of Psychology have become creative problem solvers in their use of telehealth to continue delivering care to this vulnerable population at this unprecedented time.


    1. Appreciate lessons learned in providing routine primary care to patients in nursing facilities using telehealth.
    2. Anticipate the potential role of telehealth for this population at the conclusion of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    3. Discover three barriers to telehealth: Bias of the provider, bias of the resident, and bias of the staff.
    4. Identify which telehealth strategies work best for certain clients (video vs. phone) and why.

Roberta Meyers, MD, Hennepin Healthcare;
Past President, MN Association of Geriatrics Inspired Physicians (Top)

Roberta Meyers MD, MPH is an internist and geriatrician at Hennepin Health Care System and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Minnesota.  Her clinical work includes a home visiting program, a skilled nursing facility practice and following patients in  a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic for seniors.   She has been active in the Minnesota Association of Geriatrics Inspired Clinicians which promotes advocacy and clinical expertise in the care of those with medically complex needs.

John E. Brose, PhD, LP, LADC, LMFT, Founder, CEO, Associated Clinic of Psychology; MGS 2020 Gerontologist of the Year (Bottom)

Under Dr. Brose’s leadership and guidance, ACP is nationally recognized for its expertise in working with older adults, utilizing evidence-based geriatric assessments, diagnosis, psychotherapy, and psychiatric services.  Dr. Brose leads ACP’s unique geriatric team of 50 geriatric mental health therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, to provide behavioral health care and neuropsychological assessments for geriatric clients. He also leads the team in staff consultation, educational workshops, and in-service training for staff and caregivers on topics such as aging, dementia, and mental-health disorders experienced by older adults. Dr. Brose was recently recognized as the MGS 2020 Gerontologist of the Year.

Past Free Webinar: “Boomers and Advocacy: Moving from Conversation to Civic Action,” December 18, 2018

By: LaRhae Knatterud, Todd Stump and Kathy Kelso

Handout – Boomers and Advocacy

This webinar will focus on issues and methods that encourage individuals from any generation (boomers and beyond) to get off the couch and into the world of civic causes and other targets of advocacy.  Available data on the political and advocacy activity by age, gender, income, and other characteristics will be presented and discussed. This will also include data from Minnesota’s most-recent elections.

Kathy Kelso, an experienced advocate, will invite ideas that may be effective in inspiring civic advocacy, while profiling a few examples from her tenure with the St. Paul City Advisory Committee on Aging. How agencies and organizations can best recruit participants for involvement in aging-related causes will also be discussed.

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