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Upcoming Free Webinar – Sing me a Memory: Music Therapy in Eldercare – January 14th at Noon

By: Michelle Sieben Doree, MT-BC, Past President of the Music Therapy Association of Minnesota, Music Therapist in Long-Term Care.

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Music can be a powerful and cost effective tool for maintaining health for elderly individuals. From elder choirs of individuals with dementia and their caregivers to music listening programs,  music therapy may be used to promote relaxation, reduce pain, alter mood, maintain or improve physical abilities, stimulate memory recall, and more.  We will discuss music therapy and how it may be effectively utilized in eldercare. This webinar will explore the research about music, and specifically music therapy, as a treatment modality for seniors intermixed with personal vignettes from this practitioner’s ten-year career as a music therapist in senior living.


  1. Define music therapy and review the required training for a music therapist
  2. Identify the difference between music therapy provided by a music therapist and music being used therapeutically in other manners.
  3. Describe passive and active music therapy techniques and goals these techniques address within the eldercare setting.
  4. Discuss ways non-music therapists can incorporate music in therapeutic ways for their patients and loved ones.

Michelle Sieben Doree, MT-BC, Past President of the Music Therapy Association of Minnesota, Music Therapist in Long-Term Care.

Michelle Sieben Doree has been working as a board-certified music therapist in senior care facilities since 2010. She served as vice president, president-elect, president, and currently serves as past president for the Music Therapy Association of Minnesota (MTAM) and as secretary for the international board of the Online Conference for Music Therapy (OCMT). Michelle is the director of an American Music Therapy Association National Roster Internship Program where she provides clinical supervision to bachelors and masters level music therapy student interns. Michelle graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN, completed her equivalency of a Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy from Augsburg University in Minneapolis, MN, and is currently a Master of Music Therapy student at Augsburg University.

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