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Past Free Webinar – May 10, 2017

Vision Loss and the Senior Population: A Top Public Health Priority

By: Kate Grathwol, Ph.D., President and CEO of Vision Loss Resources



Handouts Vision Loss – 1 per page     Handouts Vision Loss – 3 per page

The prevalence of eye diseases in an aging population is a major public health concern identified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  As our population ages, with the number of Minnesotans over age 65 almost doubling by 2030 , the effects of age-related vision loss will be difficult to ignore: including loss of independence, increasing incident of isolation and depression, and other negative health outcomes. Learn how vision rehabilitation can help people age in place. By learning techniques and tools, seniors can adapt to vision loss and live more independently.

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Past Free Webinar – August 16, 2016

A Win – Win – Win: When Gerontology and Geriatrics Work Together

By: Phyllis A. Greenberg, PhD, MPA, Associate Professor of Gerontology and Coordinator, Graduate Studies in Gerontology, School of Health and Human Services, St. Cloud State University and George Schoephoerster, MD, Past President, Minnesota Medical Directors Association

There are no handouts for this webinar – it follows a conversational format.

A gerontologist and a geriatrician meet in a coffee shop! What follows is an exploration, through dialogue, of the respective roles of gerontology and geriatrics, their vision for the health and well-being of those they serve, and how, through collaboration, those visions can best be achieved.

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