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Free Webcast – COVID-19 and Living with Dementia: Maintaining Well-Being and Purpose – April 17, 2020

Facilitator: Joe Gaugler, PhD, University of Minnesota
Teresa McCarthy, MD, University of Minnesota; Kenneth Hepburn, PhD, Emory University
Lauren J. Parker, PhD, MPH, Johns Hopkins; Edward Ratner, MD, University of Minnesota

The 2 hr. CEU for this webcast will be free for all who participate. It is pre-approved by the MN Board of Social Work and self-submit for other disciplines and for those who work in other states. MGS is listed as a Continuing Education Resource by the MN Board of Nursing. For those who register but are unable to watch the live event, accessing the recording and CEU will also be free. Information on accessing the CEU and recording will be sent immediately after the webinar.

Handout-COVID 19 Living with Dementia Webcast 4.17.20

Send your question for a presenter prior to the webinar to Ann Emery ( Questions for panelists can also be posted during the session.

Living with or caring for someone with dementia during the COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges. This virtual panel of national and local experts will discuss these challenges and also review important strategies, tips, and resources so that the well-being and purpose of people living with dementia and those who care for them is maintained during this unprecedented pandemic. The brief presentations will focus on clinical issues for people living with dementia; family caregiver and care partner strategies; and cultural resources important to consider. The panel will also answer questions from those living with dementia or memory concerns, care partners, health professionals, or any other attendees.

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Past Free Webinar – Mindful Presence in Stressful and Uncertain Times – April 2, 2020

By: Steve Hoover, PhD.

Earn 1 CEU, pre-approved for Social Workers by BOSW; self-submit other disciplines.
MGS is listed as a Continuing Education Resource by the MN Board of Nursing.
(The CEU is free for MGS members; $15 for non-members.)

NOTE: The webinar will be noon – 1 pm. A 30 minute optional mindfulness guided meditation will be conducted from 1 – 1:30 for those who choose to participate.

Handout – Mindful Presence in Stressful and Uncertain Times

With all the challenges and uncertainties we are currently experiencing, it is easy to become overwhelmed and to experience high degrees of stress. We are being bombarded daily with information, stories and what feels like restrictions to the point that we feel as though we have been uprooted from our lives. Unless we are proactive, this can lead us to feel as though we have less and less control. While there are many things we simply cannot control, we do have the capacity to choose how we act versus react to these events. There are strategies and practices we can engage in that allow us to not only take control over ourselves, but also provide for our mental, physical and emotional health in times of change and uncertainty.

This webinar is designed to provide number of strategies that can be used to mindfully manage stress during these times, and to be more mindfully present to others in our lives. Not all of these are best for everyone. However, in working with individuals across the lifespan, I have found that everyone can find some of these effective. Additionally, one thing we know from the research on stress is that the more we feel that we have control over a situation, the less stress we feel. Most of these strategies are things we can actually do, and being proactive rather than reactive helps all of us to feel more in charge of those things we can control.

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