Past Free Webinar: Giving Up Driving: It Takes a Village – May 16, 2019

By: Catherine Sullivan, Ph.D, OTR/L & Jennifer Fischer, MS, OTR/L, CDRS, LDI

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Handout – Giving Up Driving – 1 slide per page

Handout – Giving Up Driving – 2 slides per page

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As demonstrated by the high profile case of Prince Philip waiting until his late nineties to reluctantly give up his driving privileges following an accident , the independence provided by one’s car is not easy to relinquish. We know that with advancing age, we experience changes in motor, sensory and cognitive functions that can threaten driving safety. Clinical conditions more common in older adults as well as medications used to treat those conditions can also create greater risk behind the wheel. This webinar will show that it “takes a village” to create an environment that facilitates a smooth transition to no longer driving. It will provide resources that older drivers and their families can use and guidance on steps to follow, with a focus on the role occupational therapists play in assessment and interventions to maximize safety and ease that transition.

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Past Free Webinar: “Long Term Care Rethink Tank: Re-thinking Eldercare” March 18, 2019


George Schoephoerster, MD, Geriatrician, Past President, Minnesota Association of Geriatrics Inspired Clinicians
Tracy Keibler, MS, Founding Director, ApparentPlan; Past Vice Chair, MN Board on Aging
Joe Gaugler, PhD, University of Minnesota, Robert L. Kane Endowed Chair in Long-Term Care and Aging
Ken Anderson, PMP, MSP, Business Development Specialist, Aliqon Consulting

Earn 1.25 CEU, pre-approved for Social Workers by BOSW; self-submit other disciplines
MGS is listed as a Continuing Education Resource by the MN Board of Nursing

Handout – LTC Rethink Tank – Rethinking Eldercare 3.18.19

TPT Program: Celebrating Wisdom – a look at the progress made in aging services over the past 60 years.

Everyone has the right to age with dignity and choice. The Long Term Care Rethink Tank is a collection of thought leaders who are dedicated to breaking structural and regulatory barriers that hinder reasonable and dignified care for frail older adults no matter where they live. Our over-arching aim is to create new models of care that are affordable, sustainable and reflective of the dignity and independence values that older adults consistently rank as paramount.

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