Past Free Webcast – Understanding Historical and Contemporary Trauma in African American Communities: Navigating Supports so Elders Thrive – October 27, 2020

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NOTE: This webinar is a discussion format – there is no PPT or handout.

During the pandemic and civil unrest, older adults may be particularly vulnerable to re-traumatization as they re-experience a previous traumatic event, either consciously or unconsciously, as the result of a current racially bias event.  This trauma may be the result of triggering historical knowledge of systemic racism and/or the cumulative toll of daily micro-aggressions and lived experiences of discrimination in one’s community.  Oppression and trauma are part of the lived and social experience of African Americans. They have a negative impact on physical and mental health and well-being. This webinar will provide an overview of the historical trauma and resilience of the African American community in Minnesota as well as provide helpful strategies in trauma informed care with older adults.


  • What is the historical context, or the story, of the African American community in Minnesota?
  • How does that historical context impact the community today?
  • What strengths and assets (resilience) does the community have that helps them thrive?
  • What advice would you give to an aging services provider working with an African American elder?


  • Rajean Moone, Associate Director, Center for Healthy Aging and Innovation, UMN
  • Alana Wright, Director, Equity and Operations, MN Leadership Council on Aging; Coordinator, MN Diverse Elders Coalition


  • Jonathan Palmer, Executive Director, Hallie Q. Brown Community Center
  • Robbin Frazier, Associate Director, Center for Healthy Aging and Innovation, UMN
  • Suzanne Madison, Program Coordinator, ElderCare Development Partnership, Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging