Past Free Webinar – August 27, 2015

The Impact of Hoarding Disorder on Seniors – A Panel Discussion

By: Janet Yeats, The Hoarding Project; Nate Berg – biohazard cleaning; Stephanie Rasley – professional organizer; Kevin Benshoof – fire department

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Approximately 16 million people in the U.S. hoard. This webinar will detail the impact of hoarding on older adults, resources available, and how to help. What causes hoarding? What is the difference between clutter, collecting and hoarding? Are some older people more likely to hoard than others? Can I just clean out my loved one’s house? When is hoarding reportable to the authorities?

Janet cropped (115x120)Janet R. Yeats, MA, LMFT, Co-founder of The Hoarding Project and Chair of the Minnesota Hoarding Task Force
Janet’s research interests involve the influence of trauma, grief and loss on hoarding behavior, as well as developing effective and ethical approaches to mandatory hoarding cleanouts. Janet teaches courses in trauma and hoarding in the marriage and family therapy master’s degree program at Saint Mary’s University and has a private counseling practice.

Additional Resources referenced during the webinar:
General questions about hoarding or follow-up questions from the webinar can be submitted to:

The Hoarding Project
Compulsive Hoarding Toolbox
Hoarding Intervention Essentials
Uniform Inspection Checklist
Hoarding Training Table of Resources 12-1-14
Massachusetts Hoarding Resources

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