Past Free Webinar: “Boomers and Advocacy: Moving from Conversation to Civic Action,” December 18, 2018

By: LaRhae Knatterud, Todd Stump and Kathy Kelso

Handout – Boomers and Advocacy

This webinar will focus on issues and methods that encourage individuals from any generation (boomers and beyond) to get off the couch and into the world of civic causes and other targets of advocacy.  Available data on the political and advocacy activity by age, gender, income, and other characteristics will be presented and discussed. This will also include data from Minnesota’s most-recent elections.

Kathy Kelso, an experienced advocate, will invite ideas that may be effective in inspiring civic advocacy, while profiling a few examples from her tenure with the St. Paul City Advisory Committee on Aging. How agencies and organizations can best recruit participants for involvement in aging-related causes will also be discussed.

This session will explore the following two questions:

  1. What issue would get you off the couch, and get you excited to engage in advocacy on that issue?
  2. How do we as advocates engage people to take action, and maintain energy and momentum until the desired outcome occurs?

LaRhae Knatterud, Director, Aging Transformation, MN Dept of Human Services

Todd Stump, State Programs Administrator Principal, Aging, MN Dept of Human Services

Kathy Kelso, Advocate, St. Paul City Advisory Committee on Aging


Research articles:

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