Past Free Webinar – February 25, 2015

New Americans: Solutions to Work Force Challenges in Long Term Care

By: Jane Graupman, Executive Director, International Institute of MN

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The Medical Careers Pathway for New Americans is a model developed by the International Institute of Minnesota that has evolved over the years to meet both the needs of New Americans and the demand from the long term care industry for a well trained and qualified healthcare workforce.

The program has reduced turnover and provided quality care to elders in our community. The program includes three areas of training: Nursing Assistant Training, College Readiness Academy, and Medical Career Advancement.

Jane Graupman (99x100)Jane Graupman, Executive Director, International Institute of Minnesota, a nonprofit organization that helps refugees and immigrants reach their full potential.
During her 25 years with the Institute, she has been instrumental in creating a nationally recognized Medical Careers Pathway, a top performing refugee resettlement department and other services that help new Americans maximize their talents and become fully contributing members to American society.