Past Free Webinar – January 20, 2016

Mindfulness: A New Frontier in Healthy Aging
by: Robin R. Whitebird, PhD, MSW, LISW, Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas/ St. Catherine University

Handouts – Mindfulness – 1 per page           Handouts – Mindfulness – 3 per page

This webinar will explore the use of mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in aging and health. We will look at the current research and use experiential exercises to explore the area of mindfulness.


  • Define and discuss mindfulness and MBSR
  • Review what we know about the use of mindfulness and MBSR for improving mental and physical health
  • Explore the opportunities for the use of mindfulness and MBSR for healthy aging

RRWhitebirdRobin R. Whitebird, PhD, MSW, Associate Professor at the University of St Thomas/ St. Catherine University Doctorate of Social Work program
Her research focuses in the areas of health, mental health, aging and complementary therapies. Dr. Whitebird was the recipient of a Mentored Research Scientist Award from the National Institutes of Health and conducted The Balance Study, on the use of MBSR for reducing stress in caregivers of people with dementia, and Managing Diabetes Mindfully on the use of MBSR for the management of diabetes.