Past Free Webinar – March 9, 2016

Aging Trends: The Survey of Older Minnesotans
by: Kari Benson, Executive Director, Minnesota Board on Aging

Handouts – Aging Trends – 3 per page               Handouts – Aging Trends – 1 per page

This webinar will introduce Kari Benson and give an overview of the mission and purpose of the Minnesota Board on Aging. It will also discuss the 2015 Survey of Older Minnesotans results and a comparison of results from past surveys. The Survey of Older Minnesotans is conducted every five to ten years by the Minnesota Board on Aging. The goal is to monitor the changing needs, assets, and expectations of older persons in the state. The results are used to improve the design and targeting of public programs for older persons and to help researchers and policy makers better understand Minnesota’s older population.


  • Meet Kari Benson, the newly appointed Executive Director of the Minnesota Board on Aging
  • Name an aging trend in Minnesota and describe how it could affect policy or the state in the future
  • Understand the survey scope, methodology, and purpose
  • Understand where to look for more Minnesota aging trend information

Kari-Benson-(w)Kari Benson, MPA, Executive Director, Minnesota Board on Aging (MBA)
The MBA is the gateway to services for Minnesota seniors and their families. First established in 1956, the MBA is one of the pioneers in the field of aging policy, information and assistance. It works closely with its Area Agencies on Aging, which are located throughout the state, to provide services that seniors need. The Board’s 25 members are appointed by the governor.

Julie-KoehlerJulie Koehler, MPP, Research Analyst with the Minnesota Board on Aging
Julie graduated fromJulie Koehler the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and has interest in aging and disability policy. She has previous experience in direct care as a program coordinator at a day program for older adults with cognitive and physical disabilities and as guardian for older adults with developmental disabilities.