Past Free Webinar – November 14, 2016

Diagnosing Dementia: Doing So Effectively for Patients, Families and Society

By:  George Schoephoerster, MD, Geriatrician

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There is a upcoming influx of aging Minnesotans at risk for the development of dementia. There has been demonstrated benefit to early diagnosis and appropriate management for the individual with the disease, their family, and society as a whole. This webinar will review those benefits and discuss the infrastructure that needs to be developed in society and the health care system to be able to carry out that task. The potential structures and benefits of a Dementia Resource Center in central Minnesota will be discussed.


  1. Name the major causes of dementia and describe how the diagnosis is made.
  2. Outline the infrastructure needed in a health care system to effectively diagnosis and manage those with dementia.
  3. Describe how to best treat (manage) dementia and the role of a Dementia Resource Center in effective treatment (management).

SchoephoersterGeorge Schoephoerster, MD, Geriatrician
Dr. Schoephoerster is Past President, Minnesota Medical Directors Association. He works with Genevive in central Minnesota.




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