Past Free Webinar – October 14, 2014

Ethics and Values in Aging and Long-Term Supportive Services

with Rosalie Kane, Ph.D., UMN School of Public Health

Handout – Ethics Values in Aging & Long Term Supportive Services

Resources for Ethics Webinar

This webinar focuses on common ethical issues encountered by professionals working with older adults and examines how to identify and respect the values and preferences held by older people and their families. The common ethical principles of respect for autonomy of individuals, beneficence or doing good, and justice will be re-applied to aging issues and aging services.

Examples include:

  • Disagreements and competing interests within families;
  • Internal conflict of professionals because of competing goals—all potentially good;
  • Concerns about how to respect confidentiality and privacy appropriately; and, above all,
  • Difficulties in balancing goals of safety and personal preferences for how and where to live.

Ethical dilemmas by their nature seldom have a single correct answer. The webinar will discuss structural and procedural approaches to ensure that such issues can be identified and systematically considered at the level of individual cases and organizational policy. Rosalie new

Rosalie newRosalie A Kane, Ph.D., Professor in the Division of Policy and Management at University of Minnesota School of Public Health
Rosalie is also a faculty member in social work, bioethics, and gerontology. Her research and writing has focused on programs and policies to meet the needs of people with disabilities of all ages and disability types, and particularly on issues of care coordination, and defining and promoting quality of life for seniors who receive services.