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Past Free Webinar – June 21, 2016

Addiction in Older Adults

By: Steven Crane, Nan Vest – The Retreat in Wayzata

Handout – Recovery Resources for Older Adults in the Twin Cities Metro Area

Handouts – Addiction in Older Adults Webinar – 1 per page
Handouts – Addiction in Older Adults Webinar – 3 per page

Alcohol and drug addiction is a serious and growing issue for people over 55. In fact, there are currently 2.5 million older adults in the US struggling with some sort of alcohol or drug problem and these numbers are expected to increase as Boomers age. This presentation covers the key issues surrounding older adults and addiction. Participants will learn about the disease model, some of the myths and misperceptions about older adults and chemical misuse, how addiction affects the family and complicates access to care, and some helpful resources.

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Past Free Webinar – April 14, 2014

Age and the Workplace: A New Perspective

by LaRhae Knatterud

Handout – Age and the Workplace A New Perspective

The leading edge of boomers is right at the age when they are trying to decide if they want to retire, or if they can retire. The societal shift in our expectations for how long we will work has begun, as retirement age for both men and women are on the rise.

Some boomers are unemployed through downsizing, layoffs and the bad economy. Many have been looking for a new job for months or years. But these workers and the other boomers still working represent a demographic dividend to the state.

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