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Past Free Webinar – September 24, 2015

ACT on Alzheimer’s – A Model for Transforming Dementia Awareness and Support in Communities

with Michelle Barclay, MA, Executive Co-Lead of ACT on Alzheimer’s

Handouts – ACT on Alzheimer’s – 1 per page   Handouts – ACT on Alzheimer’s – 3 per page

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Act on Alzheimer’s website

This webinar will capture the evolution of ACT on Alzheimer’s in seeking large-scale social change and community capacity-building to prepare Minnesota for the impact of Alzheimer’s and related dementias.

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Past Free Webinar – May 21, 2014

Risks of Hearing Loss in Our Aging Population

by Marty Barnum, CSC, MA

Hearing Loss Webinar Handouts – 5.21.14

Research out of Johns Hopkins Medical Center is showing a correlation between hearing loss, falls, and dementia in people over the age of 50. People in this age group who have a hearing loss, are at higher risk for falls and for dementia. And not only is the risk higher for the onset of dementia, but also for a faster decline in functioning.

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