Past Free Webcast – COVID-19 Caregiving: Older Adults, Adults with Disabilities, Somali-Americans – October 27th, 2021

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With: Elizabeth Lightfoot, Ph.D., Director of the Arizona State University School of Social Work; Kamal Suleiman, Undergraduate Student, University of Pennsylvania.

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Handout COVID 19 Caregiving Older Adults, Adults with Disabilities, Somali-Americans 10.27.21

Learn about the conclusions of two recent caregiving research initiatives and how these findings can influence your work.

Dr. Elizabeth Lightfoot’s qualitative study Changes to Family Caregiving of Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities during COVID-19 discusses how the nature of caregiving for older adults and adults with disabilities changed during COVID-19.  She focuses on how family caregivers of older adults or adults with disabilities perceived that family caregiving had changed and what strategies caregivers used to cope with these changes.

As one part of Dr Lightfoot’s study, Kamal Suleiman will review highlights from the research and poster: Caregiving in the Somali-American community during COVID-19, drawn from in-depth interviews of ten Somali family caregivers in Minnesota.  Specifically, he will describe investigating the unique caregiving challenges faced by Somali caregivers during the pandemic, focusing on major themes related to visitation, hospital accompaniment, and self-sacrifice.

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will learn about how the nature of caregiving for older adults and adults with disabilities changed during COVID-19s and caregiver coping strategies.
  • Attendees will learn of techniques or tools for caregiving to meet the current challenge.
  • Attendees will learn about the unique attributes and strengths grounding family caregiving in the Somali community.

Dr. Elizabeth Lightfoot:

Dr. Elizabeth Lightfoot, former Distinguished Global Professor, School of Social Work, University of Minnesota. She recently accepted a new position as Director of the Arizona State University School of Social Work in the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions. Dr. Lightfoot focuses her research on disability policy and services and the intersections of disability with child welfare, aging, abuse, and health. She currently has several research projects underway exploring family caregiving during the COVID-19 pandemic; fraud and older adults/people with disabilities; parental supports for parents with disabilities; doctoral education in social work; and social work, disability, and aging in Romania and Namibia.

Kamal Suleiman:

Kamal Suleiman is a senior undergraduate student at The University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Statistics. His research interests focus on the mental health of marginalized populations, particularly Muslim and Black Americans. He plans to pursue a career in research and clinical mental healthcare.

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